Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Snowy weather in Atlanta...round two...

I must admit....I am enjoying these snow/ice days. Thankful to be inside safe where it's warm, with good coffee, company, and a warm fire! Working from home in my pajamas isn't that bad!

Here are a few fun snapshots from our fun in the snow with the first snowmageddon in Atlanta! Dakota LOVED the snow!

My favorite part was dog sledding with Dakota. He took his first try at being a real sled dog (kind of real ...if a leash and a recycling lid counts for the sled). We had a blast..and he loved pulling us down the hill...though he was a bit perplexed at first since usually when we walk him we say "don't pull" and now we were yelling... "pull Dakota, pull! mush! mush! mush!"  We made a fun video from our fun Dakota sledding adventures! (but it's not working right now on I'll try uploading it again soon :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An undedicated blogger...

So let's be real... this year has been so busy and I have not dedicated time to keeping this blog fresh....


With my events ending for the year..and the holiday's coming..and planning for next year...

I decided I want to hit the rest on blogging....maybe a redesign..and taking time to figure out exactly what I want to share and how often...

I think the biggest value I see (for me personally) is not necessarily sharing with others...but capturing and recording my life...a digital memory book...

So for now I'll give you a quick recap on recent events in the life of Jessica Purser....and then stay tuned...because I WILL be back soon...

Team Retreat...

 Dr. Dog
 chomp & stomp


 Event Life

 First trip to the big dog park
 Friends getting engaged
 I'm an Auntie
 Pinewood GA studios tour
 Fireplace Art
 New glasses..Buffy blue
 work outs

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer is flying!

Summer is flying by...

My summer has been busy with lots of work events....


Which are always fun but a lot of work! After our most recent work event I got to fly back on the corporate jet and our president took us on a short tour through the Drop Dead Diva set that films out of one of his airport hangers. We also got to hear a lot about the new Pinewood studies that are being built on his property....The movie business in Atlanta is really growing...we will be the new hollywood before you know it...

We also took a nice litte beach vaca to St. Augustine with some friends. It was so rejuvenating to get to take a break and just relax by the water. Dolphins would swim by as we sat and sipped our coffee on the dock! amazing!


Now..we are back home and back to working on the house...lots of painting down..but still lots to go (painting ceilings is a lot of work :)


Here is a sneak peak of some furniture I am looking at for our new space ...


Well lots of work to be done!... Time to paint...


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Owners

After 9 months of being patient (or trying to be) and searching for the right home at the right price... God blessed us..with an incredible home to call our own.

We are HOME OWNERS. (It feels so weird to say that...feels so grown up!) 

Andrew, Dakota and I packed up and got a big time upgrade. (not on our own... definitely a blessing from God, we are so thankful for and hope to never take for granite.) 

Now we have a long list of projects, a lot of furniture added to our want list and a lot of walls and space to decorate and fill. It has only been  a few weeks but it's already been so fun! 

Let the journey begin...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Smilebooth...Maiedae Mixer

So I am a terrible blogger! I don't quite make the time to blog like I originally intended when starting this up....we'll work on that :)

For about a photo update from the Maiedae Mixer Smile booth...

(Photo bomb!)

who doesn't love the smilebooth? Good times!

Be blessed!