Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 things..

I had a wonderful Easter weekend. We went to Calhoun and spent time with Andrew's family. Lots of good food, coffee and quality hang out time. And Dakota loved getting to be off the leash and run freely through the property.

Dakota, he was experiencing FREEDOM. something we get to experience because Christ our King is RISEN. I always say fall is my favorite but boy do I love spring time too. Perfect representation of what Easter is all life coming forth..Amen!

Well thought I'd kick off the week with a post inspired by Maiedae...5 things about yours truly..

1. I am a picky eater...I try to say I am not...but the truth is ..I am SO picky. There is no formula (as my husband likes to say) to what I do and don't like. There are just a lot of foods I just don't like... I love cheese and coffee with cream, I hate banana's and cake (really most desserts). I don't like sauces like ranch, ketchup, mustard or salad dressing...but I love salsa, hollandaise sauce and buffalo sauce. I hate soda but like sparkling grape juice and champagne. I am more of a salty than sweet person...unless it's dark chocolate..then count me in. (see what I formula!)

2.When I was in college.. I camped out everywhere! We camped on top of our student union(shimmed up a pipe and tossed sleeping bags up to get there), in the fountain on campus in the winter when the water was shut off, on the intramural fields, in the outdoor chapel, in the gazebo...just about everywhere on campus. My friend Rosie and I were obsessed with being outside in Gods creation and sleeping under the stars and going on we camped out just about everywhere while in college...including in the winter time..when I once got mild frostbite from it. We were crazy and it was amazing!

3. I am terrible with time. Time slips by me so fast..I am usually late (working on that) and I can't keep track of time for the life of me. I tend to be such a perfectionist (with everything) that I take my sweet time on the little details and before I know it I am engrossed in whatever task it is and by the end of it I realize I have just been super inefficient and unproductive because of how much time I spent on perfecting one little thing.

4. I love candles....especially fall scented candles. I think this comes from college and my sweet friend Amyrose....we started a tradition where every Thursday night was candlelight night..where our friend group gathered for coffee, the best tunes, and great fellowship and deep conversation..of course..all with candlelight and often star gazing. Ever since then candles have warmed my heart!

5. I love the south! I do miss my family in Kansas City and my brother in Japan ...but I have truly enjoyed becoming a "southern girl" I have embraced the word "ya'll" and southern hospitality and southern family loving from my husbands sweet family. The midwest was fun and full of wonderful people but man is the south great! So close to the mountains and beaches, warmer weather, good food and hospitality and great people too!

And that is 5 things you probably didn't know about me!

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